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Serving The World For Better Life

WAQAS & CO  serving the world for better life and  facing the new changes of ' Heath Care' industry.

I establish WAQAS & CO in 1975 with a belief that my organization is “a vision not just a company”. Adhering to my vision, I have been striving for understanding the creative requirement of our customers.

Today WAQAS & CO. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Surgical Instruments and related products in all over world , and has supplied its products in almost every area of the world.

Certified ISO-9001/PAK000835/B-U  CE, FDA quality system signify that quality is important to us.

We reach the thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, through distributors and sole agents.

CEOs Message:
WAQAS & CO  for the surgical industry are available in standard quality Regularly, our instruments are designed for special purposes: e. g. very accurate seizing forceps for sensitive implantates.

General Surgery Dental Instruments , Neuro , Surgery ,  Bone surgery ,  Ent , Ophthalmic Instruments ,  Cardiovascular  ,  Gynecology ,  Obstetrics , Self-Retaining Retractors ,   Retractors  , Thoracic & Lung Surger ,  Micro surgery ,   Holloware ,  Scissors ,  Forceps and related products of all sorts.

CEO Mission
Having genuine passion of manufacturing precise Quality Instruments, on the road of experience our shrewd management, committed and dedicated professionals are elements behind our success story.  Standardized manufacturing processes are our main routes to our global recognition.

“No Compromises on Quality”

CEOs Message
Professors and doctors in the industry require instruments with an accurate application profile. We serve this market with standardized instruments and customer specified development,implement, communicate and maintain a quality plan to bring the Companys Quality Systems and Policies into compliance with quality system requirements. Also manage documentation related to Quality System guidelines. I manage and maintain the quality aspects of the Design Control Program including and effectively interact with Production and Development teams to maintain product supply and help introduce new products Qualified production processes, licensed production ways and a quality securing system guarantee the performance standard of all WAQAS & CO products.

Thank you for giving your time.