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FORGING : After testing, the stainless steel strips/bars are divided into different sizes as per our requirements and our highly experienced craftsmen are specialized in forging (Hot/Cold Drop) to perform all standard press operations in forming and deep drawing of all type of instruments. We anneal the forging and prepare for the milling process.

Filling process on Mosquito Forceps according to Gauge Sizes.

GRINDING & POLISHING: For precise grinding and excellent finish, we specialize in applying polishing wheels to belts to improve the overall finish in high uniformity utilizing best of polishing luster. We use electro-plating plants to polish serrations/ratches and joints of stainless steel instruments. For satin/matt finish instruments, we use glass heads to achieve uniformity. All instruments are being polished under rigid quality control specifications.

PASSIVATION: This method actually provides the instruments with its corrosion resistance properties. Passivation, which follows the final polishing step, is a chemical bath, which creates an oxidized layer on the surface of instruments. We are now equipped with most modern process.

ULTRASONIC CLEANING: We are full equipped with most modern ultrasonic cleaning plants imported from "Branson Cleaning Equipment Co. USA", and all instruments are being cleaned properly utilizing various chemicals such as, Tri-Chloroethlyine etc.

INSPECTION & STAMPING: We inspect all instruments under rigid Q/C. specifications and give the assurance to our relative clients that all instruments shall be free from all defects such as, burrs, sharp edges, cracks, pitting, scratches, grease / excessive oil and foreign matters etc. We also guarantee for its workmanship. For stamping, we use both process i.e. die sunk and electrolytic marking and are being marked under customer's specifications.

PACKING & LABELING: We pack all instruments under strictly Q/C. specifications as per customer’s demand. Normally, we pack individually in polybag and further 12 pieces in one box mentioning outside with Part Number, Description and Lot Number. All instruments are packed in polybags with adequate desiccant in each polybag to absorb moisture. Mostly, we are packaging and labeling as per customer demand.